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  • Voyage Cannabis is not liable for any damages, loss, or injury that results from the use of medical marijuana.

  • Information provided in this document may be shared with our service providers for shipping purposes only.

  • Any medical documents sent with this form can not be returned to you once registration is complete.

  • Voyage Cannabis may share some personal information, including information provided in this document, with the applicable third-party intermediary.

  • You must reside in Canada.

  • The information in this application and the Medical Document is correct and complete.

  • The Medical Document is not being used to seek or obtain marijuana from another source.

  • The applicant will use Voyage Cannabis marijuana products only for their own medical purposes.

  • You must read and consent to the Voyage Cannabis Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


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Voyage Cannabis is a federally regulated licensed producer


Voyage Cannabis Corp.

Voyage Cannabis Corp.

PO Box # 157 5450

Highway 97

Falkland, BC V0E 1W0

A Heritage Cannabis Holding Corp. Company


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